Risk Management Plan

Whitemarsh House Risk Management Plan 2016

Risk Management activities at Whitemarsh House are documented in the risk management policy and procedure and the quarterly quality assurance meeting agendas, as recorded by the Executive Director who chairs these meetings. These documents are provided separately. Risk management activities may also be ascertained through interviews with the Executive Director, Controller, Clinical Director, Personal Care Home Administrator and Associate Program Director.

This report serves as a supplement to those activities in the sense that it is a general overview of the efficiency of the risk management process.

Goals Achieved from Prior Plan and from Relevant CARF Recommendations
All Goals Achieved

2017 Performance Improvement Targets

  1. Risk Management Plans to be assessed at least annually by facility Administration: Target March 2017
  2. Assess Home and Community Cluster for any unique variables related to risk management. None found that are unique to this cluster as opposed to general population. Target 2017
  3. Assure that Executive Director convened and documented the Quarterly Quality Assurance Review and that this was attended by facility management personnel. Also assure documentation of the agenda regarding these meetings. Target April 2017
  4. Management should assess implementation of risk management measures described in first paragraph above. Target April 2017
  5. Input on risk management to be solicited from families and other stakeholders. Target March 2017
  6. Obtain input on risk management activities from residents. Target May 2017
  7. Educate staff and obtain input from staff on risk management via the following staff training activities: Health and Safety, Identification of Unsafe Environmental Factors, Emergency Procedures, Evacuation Procedures, Fire Safety, Identification/Reporting of Critical Incidents, Medication Management, Decreasing of Physical Risks, Infection Control, Communicable Diseases, Universal Precautions, Promoting Wellness, Recognition and Reporting of Suspected Abuse or Neglect, Risks Associated with Brain injury, Emergency Medical Plan, DPW Training Course, AIDS/IADL’s, Nutrition, food handling, Sanitation and Falls and Accident Prevention. Target December 2016
  8. Only after consideration of input from residents, families, stakeholders and staff, update current risk management policy and procedure which will serve as the working plan. Target December 2016
  9. Share the new risk management plan with residents, families, stakeholders and staff. This will be accomplished via the web site and through the other means described above. Target April 2017
  10. Be prepared for further revision of this “final” policy and procedure in the event that this publishing of the procedure provokes further suggestions for revision. Target April 2017